Accedo Xtend Sports Solution

Monetize and engage your fans beyond video

Engage your fans with next-level immersive experiences while unlocking new revenue streams through the creation of sponsored interactions and ad placements.

What is
Accedo Xtend Sports?

The Accedo Xtend Sports solution enables rights holders and broadcasters to effortlessly create powerful immersive metaverse sports experiences using existing web-based applications.

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Misconceptions about XR

The Accedo Xtend Sports solution will help you disprove some common ideas about immersive tech:

The metaverse is just a trend
AR & VR is only for gamers
Immersive apps are too expensive to produce
We can't monetize because there are not enough VR/AR users
VR is a solo activity

Monetize beyond video

Turn sports viewers into visitors. This fundamental change in interaction will open a new way to interact with sports brands. You will unlock opportunities to generate value beyond video when you allow your brand to become a place where fans gather together.

• Sponsored spaces and experiences
• Premium events
• Immersive advertisement
• Virtual assets & NFTs
• eCommerce & merchandising


Get started in an easy and cost-efficient manner with a solution that enables you to test the waters while building an optimal strategy for monetization.

Turn fans into visitors

Let fans interact with your brand beyond just watching a video such as visiting a virtual stadium and playing interactive games, talking with other fans or checking out merchandise.

Choose your add-ons

The modular approach to our solution allows for the addition of features that are unique to your sport or brand.

Enable customizations

Customize your experience to communicate the uniqueness of your brand and strengthen your relationship with fans, partners, and sponsors.

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Don’t miss any fan

The Accedo Xtend Sports solution is compatible with the main consumer-grade XR headsets in the market. Going multi-platform is the best way to reach all of your fans.

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You're in good company

We work with some of the world’s leading sports and media organizations, helping them maximize the impact of their video-centric offerings.

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