Your first step into the metaverse

Join our immersive technology experts for an exclusive workshop to understand the benefits XR can unlock for your business.

Opportunity for all

Broadcasters & OTT services,
Telcos & operators,
Sports leagues & teams,
Music & audio services,
... and everything in between.

Workshop participation does not require any previous knowledge or experience.

Whether you have given immersive platforms no thought, a little thought, or you've already begun creating PoCs and products, our workshops are adaptable to fit your needs and bring you value.

What to expect?

You will get answers to the following questions, and more.

What could my brand look like in the Metaverse?
How can my video content be enhanced with AR?
Which content should I focus on first?
What partnerships should I establish to get ahead of our competitors?
How do we get started?

Monetize beyond video

Video companies’ users will become visitors. This fundamental change in interaction will open a new way to interact with brands. Becoming a place where people will gather together will create the opportunity to generate value beyond video:

Strategy building

Work with us to define how your brand should be presented to encourge customer interaction and maximize revenue in the metaverse.

For decision makers

Leave our workshop with hands-on tips and strategies that will help you make impactful decisions and inspire action on a wider scale within your organization

Hands-on format

Come prepared to join a number of interactive exercises to spark your imagination and foster a great discussion.

For beginners or experts

With dedicated project managers on every account, we work closely with clients to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and with a deep understanding of business and product objectives.

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Trying is believing

You may have never experienced VR/AR first hand, or it was years ago when the technology was still in its infancy. Immersive devices have evolved greatly in the last two years and we will bring them to you so that you get to experience the possibilities for your brand first-hand.

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You're in good company

Trusted by so many in the media & entertainment industry and beyond. We are proud to deliver unique video experiences on a global scale.

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